Anna Retulainen, Helsinki-Lahti-Pietari, 2000, öljy kankaalle, 129 x 300 cm.
Anna Retulainen, Helsinki-Lahti-Pietari, 2000, öljy kankaalle, 129 x 300 cm. Kuva: Rauno Träskelin

The OP Art Foundation

The OP Art Foundation is a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to promote music performance and the visual arts. It was established in

1987 to manage the first musical instruments acquired by OKO in the mid-1980s and to expand its collection of art and musical instruments.

The Foundation owns nine historical, highly valued instruments: five violins, two violas, and two cellos. The oldest instrument in the collection is from 1698, but it also includes newer pieces, such as a third cello from 1989.

The Foundation currently has an art collection of around 1,000 pieces. 

In addition, it manages around 2,000 pieces owned by the OP Financial Group. The collection comprises an extensive range of pieces representing Finnish art history, but at its core is a fine collection of contemporary art. The pieces range from paintings and sculptures to graphics and textile art from the mid-1800s until the present day.

To carry out its purpose, the Foundation has supported music performance for more than 30 years by lending its highly valued musical instruments to young, talented musicians. These unique instruments have provided a number of young musicians with the opportunity to further their musical career.

The pieces in the Foundation’s art collection are mainly displayed on OP’s premises and offices, as well as in Pohjola Hospitals, in order to brighten the days of staff and visitors. A significant part of the collection is displayed in the OP Vallila headquarters, which was designed by architect Asmo Jaaksi (JKMM Architects) and taken into use in June 2015. The building has a public art gallery where the Art Foundation hosts exhibitions a couple of times a year. In addition to these exhibitions on OP’s own premises, artworks are loaned to are exhibitions organized by museums.

Joining the Association of Finnish Fine Arts Foundations in 2019 provided excellent support for carrying out the Foundation’s purpose, and its collection is now available to an even larger public throughout Finland.

Supporting the visual arts and music is part of the OP Financial Group’s role as a supporter of the community. The Foundation’s art collection is one of the most extensive private collections in Finland, and the OP Art Foundation plays a vital role in the preservation of Finnish cultural heritage. We wish to share experiences and stories about art and music with everyone.

We want to create moments where fine artworks and valuable musical instruments from the Foundation’s collection can bring joy to everyone.

The Foundation’s ombudsman, Mirja Laine,