Cawen Alvar, Kehtolaulu
Alvar Cawén, Kehtolaulu, öljy kankaalle, 56 cm x 78,5 cm, 1921

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation

The Alfred Kordelin Foundation – based on the will of entrepreneur and businessman Alfred Kordelin -started operations in 1920. From the beginning the Foundation’s aim has been to support Finnish culture in the field of science, art and literature. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Foundation was particularly prominent in the field of fine arts. This was a time when state funding of the fine arts was relatively sparse and similar foundations were rare.

In 1922, the Finnish State acquired Kultaranta Castle (subsequently the summer residence of the President of Finland) from the Alfred Kordelin Foundation. Following the change of ownership, discussions were held within the foundation on the possibility of founding an art museum and collection. Ultimately, it was decided that part of the available scholarship funds be earmarked for art acquisitions. The collection that formed reflects, in an interesting way, the Finnish art scene in the 1920s and 30s. The collection of sculptures is particularly noteworthy.

The 300-strong Alfred Kordelin Collection comprises several important works from Finnish Art history.